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trySwift! NYC

Compassionate—Yet Candid—Code Reviews

Code reviews are essential for maintaining code quality and helping developers sharpen their coding skills. However, code reviews are also difficult to get right. Many code review comments end up being unclear, trivial, or condescending.

With compassion as a guideline, though, we can work to establish code review practices that minimize suffering for everyone involved—the code authors, the code reviewers, the code maintainers, and even the end users.

In this talk, you’ll learn that Compassionate Code Reviews are not about “sugarcoating” feedback and actually demand a considerable degree of candor. Equipped with a set of guidelines for executing Compassionate Code Reviews, you’ll leave inspired to apply them on your team to create better code and happier coders.

Earlier Event: August 28
Pluralsight Live
Later Event: September 12
Private Client Presentation