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Pluralsight Live

Catalytic Skills for Developers: There's Nothing "Soft" about These Skills

Being an effective software developer requires so much more than coding ability. Whether you're rallying support for a new tool, negotiating tradeoffs with a designer, or providing feedback in a code review, effective communication is key. Even in the actual code, activities like choosing variable names and designing APIs require empathy for other developers. Motivating ourselves and managing stress are also important skills for a developer. Sadly, skills like communication, empathy, and introspection are too often dismissed as "soft skills," which makes them seem weaker and less important than "hard" technical skills. It's time to change that. These skills actually help us to acquire new technical skills more efficiently, to decide which tools to use, and to share our technical expertise with others. In other words, they help us catalyze the development and application of our technical skills. In this session, you'll learn about catalytic skills and leave with a practical framework for growing them and applying them to become a more effective—and happier—developer.

Earlier Event: August 22
7CTOs event TBD
Later Event: September 5
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