Founded in 2016, Compassionate Coding combines the effective practices of agile software development with a focus on empathy and the latest in positive organizational psychology.

Our human-centered agile development approach involves truly egoless programming and inclusive, collaborative development environments, with the ultimate goal of helping teams deliver better products more effectively.

Our training curriculum provides guidance on how to:

◆ Build supportive, diverse, & inclusive cultures

◆ Onboard recent bootcamp grads and other junior engineers

◆ Implement better code review practices

◆ Have more effective agile retrospectives

◆ Foster better communication between engineers and other employees

Interested in reaping these benefits in your organization?

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About Our Founder


April Wensel is a veteran software engineer and technical leader whose varied career spans such fields as education (Zoodles), research (UserTesting, Carnegie Institution at Stanford), healthcare (Cognoa), and entertainment (Sony, Playdom). She has also mentored and led workshops with diversity-focused organizations like Hackbright Academy and Black Girls Code.

Over the course of more than a decade in the software industry, she has researched and experimented with solutions for addressing common problems and has ultimately devised a suite of strategies for harnessing the power of kindness and compassion to build effective software development teams. She founded Compassionate Coding in order to share these strategies with the wider community.

When not coding or leading workshops, she enjoys running marathons and cooking vegan food—because animals deserve our compassion, too!

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